FrameMaster 3.1

Enhances digital images by adding high-quality frames
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3.1 (See all)
Modifies various images in digital format and adds quality frames. Contains more than 100 ornate frames, edges, border effects, as well as different image tools (crop, resize, zoom, rotate, grayscale, etc). It loads multiple graphics formats (JPG, BMP, TIF, and PCX).

FrameMaster is a FEM-program(Finite Element Method) that helps you dimension almost any kind of construction: roof-trusses, floors, walls, bridges, furniture, shafts and much much more. FrameMaster is both one of the cheapest and most powerful program in its category. FrameMaster is used of both amateurs and professionals. Avoid over dimensioning, instead model your construction in FrameMaster, push a button, and the program will tell you if the construction is strong enough or not, it cant bee much simpler than that! Impress on your colleagues and customers with professional printouts from FrameMaster, show them that you know what you are doing, that your constructions are well designed and that you don't dimension at random.

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